Turn your PC from zero to hero with these 7 tools!

You bought a top-of-the-line PC to make sure you would have a quick and speedy PC for years to come. However, when you use your PC, you end up getting a cup of coffee, cleaning your kitchen, and checking your Facebook. After doing all of this your application finally opens up! Except it is sluggish to! Or maybe you just bought the top-of-the-line laptop and you have only had it a few weeks and it is already sluggish! PC’s have gotten a lot better but it seems to me the one thing that hasn’t changed is if you want your PC working properly at all times it will need a little TLC.


Coming in at the top of the list is backup because it is most important. If you are doing “image” backups of your PC. You can be assured that at any time you have a problem you can go back to a known good state if needed. This is super important and should be your top priority as a PC owner.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition

This free tool has everything you need to manage backups of one PC. You get the below for the great value of FREE:

  • File Backups
  • Image Backups
  • Live System Backups
  • Scheduling
  • Bootable Rescue Disc


This tool is also priced at a great value of FREE! Although, Clonezilla will provide you image backups its use case is slightly different. Clonezilla will not do live system backups aimed at the home user, it has features for PC repair and enterprise applications. With Clonezilla you can get a backup of a non-booting PC before you start to repair it. Or you can clone a PC to 40 other Computers!

Acronis True Image The All-In-One Solution

Acronis might be priced a little higher than the first two solutions. However, starting at $49.99 it is still a great value!

With Acronis True Image you get:

Dual Protection

Store copies of your local backup in the cloud. Ensuring if there is ever a natural disaster or some other event your data is safe!

Active disk cloning

Live Cloning! Clone your system to another system without any downtime. The most efficient way to migrate your system.

Non-stop backups

Let your computer backup as you use it! This can happen as often as every 5 minutes. These small backups don’t impact your system performance. So you can work and play at the same speed!

Universal restore

Restore your entire system to similar hardware. Or even better, hardware that is not even close to being similar to your old PC!

Acronis Survival Kit

A streamlined kit of tools to get your system backup and running ASAP!

Quick backup validation

Check your backups at lightening fast speeds. Never worry about having a good backup again.

Anti-ransomware and cryptojacking protection

Protect your files, apps, and systems by detecting and stopping ransomware. Acronis True Image will remediate this for you automatically!

Disk Cleaning

One thing that I have noticed about Windows it loves to cache all the things… It keeps your PC running nice and quick until it doesn’t. Windows, Edge, Chrome and more, all cache things over and over again and eventually this WILL slow your PC down. However, there are tools you can use to avoid these problems.

Disk Cleanup

You can’t go wrong with a tool that is built into the system. You don’t have to take up anymore disk space (that is what we are trying to save in the first place) and they normally do a good job of what they are trying to accomplish.


Can a disk cleaning list really be complete without ccleaner? It has three free product offerings. It also offers paid versions of its software. Full Featured, Slim (Only what you need), and Portable. This tool will keep your system running smoothly. It also is the only registry backup and cleaning tool that I trust!

Malware Cleaners

If your PC is running slow due to malware, there is probably a good chance your currently installed Anti-Virus is not going to fix the issue. We also want to be up front with you. Running a few tools is not going to properly clean your PC from malware. If you need help cleaning your PC you should CLICK HERE and schedule a call with us, so we can solve this problem for you.


This is my all-time favorite Malware Cleaning tool. It has a 30-day free trial which allows you to clean any system that has not used the tool before. It is also useful at quickly identifying if a PC is infected compared to a tool like Malwarebytes. I personally don’t see a reason to buy this tool because I can clean a PC without it. However, it is an excellent value if you are going to rely on this tool to keep your PC’s clean.


I could never consider a PC clean without getting an all clear from Malwarebytes! It has free and paid for products. So, it is a no brainer to have it installed on all your computers! Just make sure that you turn on rootkit scanning by clicking the gear icon in the top right > Security > Scroll Down to Scan Options. I am looking at their no log VPN offering and if it truly is no log then it might be worth paying for. If you want me to do a review of this product leave a comment down below!


Not being able to fall back on a previous backup, cached and temporary files clogging up your PC, and Malware of all sorts can cause your PC to slow down. Or even worse, keep you from restoring your system to a known good state. We hope these tools that are MOSTLY free will arm you with what you need to keep your PC running well! Don’t want the hassle of doing all the leg work of repairing your PC? No worries. We Solve that problem. CLICK HERE to schedule a free call back, and we will turn your PC into a hero!

Want me to go in depth about how to use these products? Would you like a more in-depth review of any of these products? Have any thoughts or feelings about this post? Leave it all in the comments below!




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